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Organize to Thrive in Growth

Hi, my name is Ann,

I am a solution builder. I make things move. Think of me as that persistent dog clamped onto a shoe, refusing to let go until I’ve conquered the challenge in front of me. Creating solutions, especially alongside others, brings me sheer joy. I’ve always had a thing for fostering growth and collaboration with others.

I help IT-dependent, fast-growing, organizations, and their founders, to be successful through the growth phase, by scaling how they organize work around their value stream. 

My journey began with a somewhat unconventional choice for a girl at the time – an education in engineering, first in electronics, then computer science. My hunger for evolution and impact led me down the path of leadership training and business education. Recently, I graduated as an organization coach and completed a postgraduate program in coaching.

For 29 years I’ve had the privilege of serving the world’s financial institutions and by extension the financial community, with services critical to their operation and business success. Navigating international, multicultural corporate life, has been interesting and exciting.  It’s been an incredible journey that has felt all too brief.

As an intrapreneur, I’ve eagerly taken on diverse complex challenges across various domains – such as IT, procurement, vendor relations, support, testing, crisis management, lean transformation, agile transformation, and more. This diversity, combined with climbing the corporate ladder to senior leadership, has granted me a deep understanding of how to collectively deliver value. In our case value translated into bringing financial products and services to the (changing) market, with a business model and an operational model that integrated seamlessly with the back offices of the world’s financial institutions, large and small. Our efforts consistently translated into tangible benefits for our customers in their own business endeavors.

Yet, as fulfilling as this career has been, I found myself at a crossroads. 

As an intrapreneur, engineer, and a firm believer in the potential of people, I always long to explore new ways to use and develop my expertise. Building on my end-to-end expertise in the corporate world, and more specifically how to organize work in order to thrive as a  company and deliver value together, I firmly believe in the positive impact I can make on rapidly growing IT-driven companies seeking to scale up how they organize their work. My professional mission is to empower these companies to thrive in their growth. These innovators introduce new solutions addressing real issues faced by businesses, individuals, and communities. They deserve the chance to flourish, and a scaling journey shouldn’t be a lonely journey.

Those who know me understand that I throw my heart into everything I do, including my work. Since making this decision, my job feels again like more than a mere job; it’s seamlessly woven into the fabric of my life, giving me purpose and fitting like a glove. You’ll find me having fun being hard at work, anytime and anywhere. That’s precisely how I like it.

So here I am,

ready and eager for your success

 If you're interested in collaborating with me, please feel free to schedule some time.