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"Scaling your Business" means that you will have to adapt the way you work,
so you can serve more customers, handle more volume and ... do this faster and with far less effort than today.
Take this quick and free self-assessment to gain insight into your scaling challenges, and opportunities

Adapting the way you work, requires you to think differently. Work stops being a series of tasks, and becomes a flow of value-adding activities, the value stream.

Like water, work flows through your system. Exercising an activity that makes a large difference, is like water flowing fast from a high point to a low point. Similarly, when there are a lot of rocks and curves, it slows down.

When organizing to thrive, we remove as much as possible the blockages in your value stream. 

We look at 5 main dimensions that influence the speed and the quality of your value stream.

  • Workflow Efficiency: how much are the steps in your workflows contributing to a speedy value stream
  •  Agility: how can you adapt to a changing environment and how much does that contribute to your results
  • Customer Experience: how much of your decision-making is driven by the customer’s success
  • People and Organization Effectiveness: how are your people enabled and supported to directly contribute to the results 
  • Collaborative Leadership: how much is the leadership focused on collaboratively achieving the goals

Submit the form to download your free copy of the Thrive in Growth Indicator Self-Assessment. No strings attached.

This valuable and free tool will help you evaluate your current state on these 5 dimensions.

The results will be local on your machine and only yours to use. I have no way, or interest, of tracking this remotely.

I recommend however that you take advantage of the free strategy call, which will be offered as part of this tool. You would need to send me your results, upfront, so I can prepare.

In that call, I will help you evaluate your results and work out your options. This call is solely for your benefit and to support you in your journey to success.

Should you then want to work with me, I would be honored, if you don’t, that would be no problem at all. 

If you worry about scaling, concerns like the following grow like mushrooms ....

  • Can the systems handle the growth without hiccups?
  • Can we continue to deliver a smooth user experience?
  • How to keep customers happy and engaged?
  • How to keep costs in check as your business expands
  • How to keep the team(s) working harmoniously and efficiently while growing
These are typical concerns founders have, you are not alone.


imagine having a clear view of your challenges so you can decide on the way forward ....

  • A clearer understanding of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. This clarity can guide strategic decisions and priorities.
  • Identified specific pain points and bottlenecks in the scaling process. This information is invaluable for targeted improvements
  • Effectively allocated resources, addressing the areas that need attention most urgently
  • Open communication and alignment within the teams. Everyone gets on the same page regarding challenges and opportunities
  • Mitigated risks so that the business remains stable during periods of growth
  • Updated customer satisfaction and engagement strategies, ensuring a continued focus on meeting customer needs.

It all starts with completing the self assessment, after completing it you will have

  • A picture of how you are performing on productivity, agility, customer experience, people engagement and organizational efficiency, collaborative leadership, and your combined growth potential.
  • A rating to guide you on which axe to prioritize working on.
  • An offer to review the results with me, for free, so you can decide on the next steps


HOw does it work

  1. Claim your Thrive Growth Indicator Self-Assessment by completing the form at the top of the page
  2. I will email you the spreadsheet (check your spam folder)
  3. Select for each of the 5 dimensions the statement that fits your organization
  4. In the report tab, you will find the summary and a radar chart indicating your pitfalls and opportunities
  5. Book your call with me and send me your report, so that we can discuss the results and the way forward for you

There will never be a better time than now...

  • As you grow your challenges will also increase exponentially. 
  • The faster you act, the sooner you can turn your challenges into opportunities. 
  • Now is the time to take control of your growth, so you may not loose control altogether.

this is what makes me the right partner for you

I specialize in helping IT-dependent, fast-growing organizations and their founders, so they can conquer every growth stage with confidence and ease.

I totally get it, budget and, even more importantly, time is a scarce resource when growing fast. Going forward, you need flexibility to act fast and at the same time structure to manage your cost base.

To help you prioritize any structural action you may have to do, I have created a short self-assessment where you can rate your Scale-Up on a number of structural elements relating to making your value stream, flow.

I have already solved many, diverse and complex challenges throughout my long career, spanning various domains such as IT, procurement, vendor relations, support, testing, crisis management, lean transformation, agile transformation, and more. This, combined with my leadership experience, has granted me a unique vantage point on how to collectively deliver to the customer what helps them in their business.

There are many lessons I have learned that can serve you in your current situation. I am offering you a world of experience of what works, what does not work, and how not to overshoot the purpose, delivered with an agile mindset. 

But even more, I make your success my own priority!

Concerns you may have ....

  • “I don’t have time for this.” – I get it, you’re busy. But this assessment is designed to save you time in the long run by pinpointing areas that need improvement.
  • “Will it be worth the time investment?” – Absolutely. I know that your time is precious. Therefore I have created an assessment that takes only a limited amount of time to complete and still provides you clear insights and maximum value.
  • “What if the results are overwhelming?” – Don’t worry, this is why I have included a free review call to discuss the results and your path forward. Remember, others have done it before, there is no reason why you can’t.

Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Embrace the opportunity to thrive in growth today.



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