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I have seen time and time again that transitioning from one growing stage can be rather painful for an organization

As you add more people to your organization, you’ll notice that its complexity grows exponentially. It is natural that, what worked before,  may no longer be effective in the next phase of your growth. You might start seeing symptoms like an ever-growing workload, communication hiccups, heightened emotions within the teams, motivational issues, dissatisfaction and/or leaving customers, concerned investors, … and so on. It is crucial to tackle this complexity internally otherwise, it will spill over to your customers.

But here is the good news: when your growth is rapid, chances are you have already found the right product or service fit, meaning you’re delivering what your customers need to succeed.

What requires evolution is how you deliver,  so you can serve more customers, handle more volume, and do it all faster and with less effort on your side and on the customer’s side. 

To thrive, regardless of the size of the organization, the following principles are valid.

  • Success is measured using value-driven metrics
  • People and workflows are organized with a focus on the value stream
  • Leadership enables the value stream to flow
  • It is fun to work for and with a thriving organization

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